A sorry Business ..



Just back from a PR job, photographing Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. He was talking business, boosting business, supporting business ..

When I got home I received a phone call from a local school. No names, no pack drill but let’s just say they’re a High School and they’re in Culcheth. I’d emailed the head, asking if he’d be interested in a Facebook portrait offer for his pupils. They’d get a professional head shot done for their profile, and I’d donate a percentage of the fee to the school fund. “Sorry..” said the lady that called “We can’t recommend any one business over another!” “But I’m the only portrait studio of this kind in the village..” I said. “Yes…” she replied “But we have members of staff who run their own photography businesses too!…”

Oh, what a sorry business it is …


Past, future .. tense!

I was hearing yesterday that the A&E department at Trafford General Hospital is soon to close down and, by one of those strange coincidences, I was actually working on a 1977 image from my archive that mentioned it in the shot! Park Hospital, as it used to be called, was listed as a destination on this scruffy knackered pole at the old Eccles Bus Station, and the poor dear with the hankie looked like she’d have benefitted from a trip there too, bless! It’s the hospital where I was born – as, indeed, was a certain Patrick Steven Morrissey just nine months earlier – but, I suppose, life moves on and it’s had a good innings!

Hard to believe that I only have two ‘overs’ left (to keep the cricket analogy going) of my archive’s Twelve for ’13 project. I was working on November’s additions when I came across today’s particular shot, and it’ll be added on November 1st as the penultimate upload. After that .. well, I’m hoping there’s a chance I’ll get the work shown in Manchester in the coming months. I’ve been working on a proposal for an exhibition in the City, and I’m off there today to drop it off.
My future – I hope – from the past!  It’s tense ..