Past, future .. tense!

I was hearing yesterday that the A&E department at Trafford General Hospital is soon to close down and, by one of those strange coincidences, I was actually working on a 1977 image from my archive that mentioned it in the shot! Park Hospital, as it used to be called, was listed as a destination on this scruffy knackered pole at the old Eccles Bus Station, and the poor dear with the hankie looked like she’d have benefitted from a trip there too, bless! It’s the hospital where I was born – as, indeed, was a certain Patrick Steven Morrissey just nine months earlier – but, I suppose, life moves on and it’s had a good innings!

Hard to believe that I only have two ‘overs’ left (to keep the cricket analogy going) of my archive’s Twelve for ’13 project. I was working on November’s additions when I came across today’s particular shot, and it’ll be added on November 1st as the penultimate upload. After that .. well, I’m hoping there’s a chance I’ll get the work shown in Manchester in the coming months. I’ve been working on a proposal for an exhibition in the City, and I’m off there today to drop it off.
My future – I hope – from the past!  It’s tense ..




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