I think it’s Christmas ..


Well, in these days of forward marketing it seems only natural, on Bonfire Night, to show you a photograph from a Christmas ‘promo’ shoot I did yesterday! Had a lovely family into the studio and, after we’d shot a set of ‘normal’ photographs I asked them if they’d ‘ham it up’ and pose for my Christmas ‘advert’. I didn’t expect young Jack to ham it up as much as he did, of course, but it makes for a great photograph and that’s what I’ve gone for on my new Christmas website page.

It reminded me of the time I did a magazine shoot for, I think it was Woman’s Own, of one of the first ever lottery winners – so we’re talking probably 25 years ago at least! The angle of the story was that they could now have the best Christmas they’d ever had. Trouble was, they won the lottery in September, and I had to dress their house to make it look like Christmas. Lord knows how I winged that one! Their tree was pathetic, the shops – unlike these days – weren’t already stocking crackers or decorations or the like, and we had a devil of a job to source a turkey from Liverpudlian shops that were still stocking summer foods. I’ll always remember asking the winner what he’d do with 1.5 million pounds. “Well..” he said “We’re going to spend the million .. and put the point five in the bank!”

Merry Christmas!!…

©Martin O’Neill 2013


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