I think about cameras ..


A Wedding photographer at work, circa 1977, and he’s probably using an old Mamiya or Rollei TLR – or two and a quarter – or 6×6 if you’re modern! I’ve got a box full of old cameras like that now .. the most expensive ornaments in the house, as I call them .. and now Nikon have brought out a DSLR that’s based on the old FM2 camera. Retro feel, as they call it! Phwoar! What is it about ‘old’ gear? Why does it just feel ‘right’? I mean, as much as I love my D300s I get such a buzz out of holding and using ‘old’ cameras! You can’t beat grabbing an FE2 and giving that wind-on lever a good ol’ yank! (Oh, heck .. where am I going with this?) Anyway, let’s put it this way – £2,750 says I won’t be getting a new ‘old’ Nikon any time soon. Funnily enough though, I’m starting to use the camera on my phone a lot more! I used to get in a blind panic if I found myself without a camera. “Have you got your phone with you?..” Lesley would ask .. and I’m suddenly calm again! Damn it, they’re good! The only thing we need to sort now is the names of cameras. In the good old days we had SLRs, and then we called digital cameras DSLRs to differentiate. Digital cameras are now, surely, the ‘norm’ so why can’t we just start calling them SLRs and call film cameras FSLRs? Just asking ..


©Martin O’Neill 2013


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