I think of foopball ..


So, off I go to the Republic of Ireland! With Roy Keane! Ok, not the me Martin O’Neill, the football manager Martin O’Neill and it’s ironic I’ll .. I mean he’ll .. be working with Roy Keane, as I go back long enough to have actually photographed Keane’s signing for Man U when I was a press photographer! The MEN got an exclusive, so it was just me and him at, I think, The Cliff, in Salford. Cripes, that was 20 years ago! I remember shaking his hand and wishing him good luck! I think it worked for him .. ho ho!

Anyway, I can’t show you that photograph, as it went the way of all negatives at the Manchester Evening News, and will never be seen again! And, seeing as I’m not the mostly footbally photographer in the world, I have very little to offer in the way of other footy photos, so you’ll have to make do with this picture of Alex Stepney, shot when he signed for .. Altrincham! .. towards the end of his career. I just missed him giving me the ‘V’s as I’d just shouted at him during the game! Sorry, Alex!..

Oh, Foopball? If you’ve ever read Molesworth then any fule kno that’s how he phonetically spells the word. Try it! It works ..

#pressphotography, #prphotography, #ManchesterUnited


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