I think this is where it’s @ ..


I’ve taken to tweeting, with a vengeance! I’ll admit I’ve not given Twitter the attention it’s needed in the past, bogged down as I am with SEO and Flickr, Tumblr and Pinterest (..and to think, I used to be a photographer!) but now I’m hitting the keyboards hard and ‘following’ as many relevant people as I can find! Unfortunately, that means I’m also now being ‘followed’ by quite a few irrelevant people, too .. many of whom seem to need me to know from their profiles how many cats/kids/snowboards they’ve got, and one who urges me to “Close my eyes and see..”! (Doesn’t work for me, that one!)

So, for the first time ever I’ve had new business cards made with my Twitter details on, and now no longer can I sit and watch tv or eat a meal in peace! Oh no, now I’m constantly, feverishly, checking my phone as it bleeps and twinkles and oinks at me when I get new followers or retweets. I can only hope – as many people tell me – that it does actually work as a way to increase business or her indoors’ll have me out on my ear at this rate!

PS: Sorry about the seagull picture! Not being a bird-spotter I don’t exactly have many images of our feathery friends, so that’ll have to do! Jeez, seagulls don’t even tweet! Unlike me, ho ho ..


¬©Martin O’Neill 2013

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