I think I’ve seen the future ..


You can imagine the confusion of Peter Kay’s Dad if you’d told him they were making phones with cameras in ’em! Phone? Camera?… and now we’re getting cameras with ‘wire facilities’ in them just to add to the technological mix. Well, I couldn’t resist mocking up this shot the other day! Phones with cameras in them? I had one years ago! Ho hum ..

Anyway, it seems I’m still not getting this blogging malarkey right! I’ve been told I have to embed my keywords in my text, rather than just adding the tags to the bottom of the piece. Bit like the old days when they subliminally – “COCA-COLA” – flashed up images of fizzy drinks during films. I’m not sure if that – “WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY” – would work but it might be worth a – “GIFT VOUCHERS FOR CHRISTMAS” – try! Think that –“PR PHOTOGRAPHY” – got the message across? Good! Phone me …


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