I think that’s so boring ..


Oh, Gawd! The Taylor Wessing Portrait Photography awards have been announced for 2013 and, from what I’ve seen, they’ve been true to form and avoided smiling like the plague! Why don’t they consider a smile as suitable for a portrait? Do they feel a happy face isn’t a true representation of a person? Well, it’s too deep for me but then I never was one for “analyzing” photographs. All I know is that walking round the pictures at the National Portrait Gallery makes for a really depressing experience so, here .. have my contender for this year’s winner. My Mum, beaming like a Cheshire Cat as she waited to board Concorde for a pleasure flight back when .. well, when it was flying! I think the image speaks volumes about my Mum’s personality so Ya Boo Sucks Taylor Wessing and I for one won’t be zipping down ‘the smoke’ for a gander at this year’s misery fest!



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