I think that’s amazing ..

3, 974! That’s how many frames I shot making yesterday’s Time-Lapse pr ‘film’ of two young graffiti artists at work, and today my chest’s telling me I’ve breathed in enough aerosol fumes to last me the rest of my life! Cough, cough ..

What a great day, though! From a blank office wall at 10am to a fully finished ‘muriel’ of a hip ‘n happening Union Jack and company logo, I captured the entire creation of the guys’ work over a  period of six hours and .. d’ya know what? .. I watched them make the whole thing, and still haven’t any idea how they did it! My fave quote of the day came from one of the lads who realised there might be a blank area towards one corner of the room. “Oh..” he said “We’ll just fill that with some splats and shit!” Sorted, man …



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