I think it’s over ..


Hard to believe there’s only one installment left of my Twelve for ’13 project – a Flickr exhibition of my archive from the mid-seventies and early eighties and .. I’m going to hold my hands up .. it’s not had as much interest as I’d wanted! I should be world-famous by now!! Ok, only joking, but I do wish more people had seen the work, so it makes me feel all the better that the pictures will be physically ‘up on walls’ again in January of 2015. That’s what it’s about, isn’t it! Seeing ‘the real thing’! Digital is wonderful but look how, more and more, we’re hearing of people who have lost their entire collections of photographs because their mobile phone was stolen or dropped down the loo! There was even a Wedding Photographer on TV last night who ‘cried for three weeks’ because thieves stole her computer and back-up drives. What? You didn’t make CDs? Physical copies of your work? Are you crazy??…

So, photographs made of paper for me although I hope, when my show is up at The Peoples’ History Museum in Manchester, that they don’t atract as much interaction as this poster. It’s still some of the funniest graffiti I’ve ever seen…


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