I think I’ll keep it ..

Blimey! Remember my blog about slow news days? I wrote about the times I used to have to go out and ‘find’ stories for the paper because there wasn’t a lot going on after Christmas, and I mentioned the story about the guy in the bath on the water-park! Well, I found the cutting! It’s in an old scrapbook of MEN photographs I kept in my office. I told you I never throw anything out!..

I’ve got an interesting photo-shoot this afternoon. Funnily enough, a lady’s bringing along an old photograph that she wants to recreate. I’ve not seen it yet so, at the mo, I haven’t any idea how to set up my lights or the backdrops, but it’s along the lines of a 1950s boudoir photograph that she’s kept in a magazine. Cripes! She mustn’t throw anything out either!..


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