I think about football (US!) ..

Red, forty-three! Hut! Hut!…

And so it is, with delight, that I tell you I’ve managed to get tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley next November! Phew, that’s a weight off my mind! I’ve been a fan of ‘Gridiron’ since it started on Channel 4 back in the 80s, so I’m thrilled to be able to finally see one of the ‘star’ teams in action. Of course, I’ve photographed the game in the past, but watching the Manchester Allstars play American Football at the Willows Rugby Ground in Salford wasn’t quite the same thing, bless ’em!..

I’m having a ‘day of domesticity’ today. Well, I’m supposed to be! I’d planned to start building some new units for the kitchen but I’d only managed to get some bits out of boxes before I was distracted by other things! I have quite a collection of signed photography books, and somehow I started rearranging them all and putting them into polythene bags to keep them clean. Of course, that then entailed actually looking at them and so, before you know it, half the morning’d gone! I’ve got some cracking autographs, though! André Kertesz, Mary Ellen Mark, Don McCullin .. even David Hockney, if you count his collages – and why wouldn’t you? These are are people I’ve met, by the way! They’re not just books I’ve bought, pre-signed! That’s the equivalent of watching The Allstars when you really wanted to see The Cowboys ..

PS: David Hockney’s autograph? You’d swear to God he’s written ‘Gary Lowry’ ..!


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