I think about flare ..

It’s pouring outside, so here’s something you definitely won’t have a problem with today .. lens flare! Although – oh, I forgot – you can now add it to your pictures on the computer to make your shots more “interesting”! My, how fashions change! This advert for a Pentax multi-coated lens – designed to prevent flare – is in a 1972 edition of Camera Magazine, which I nicked when I was but a lad! (Well, I couldn’t afford to buy it .. it was 75p a copy! Oh, and please don’t tell anyone I pinched it! I’ve got away with it for this long .. ) It just makes me think about all the current ‘trends’ for ‘fussing up’ your Wedding photographs! Vintage looks, streaks of flare, insipid, bleached-out black and white! How out of fashion will that all look when a bride and groom look back at their photographs on their Silver Anniversary?

Amazing to think I was so keen on photography even way back then! I know I just had to have this magazine. It featured an “Iconographic Chronological History” of Photography – a whole edition full of photographs from Niépce to Diane Arbus – all names I’d never heard of at the time, but it’s nice to think that – forgive me – I turned out to have a bit of a flair for the art myself. One thing’s for sure if we’re talking about fashions. In 1972, I certainly had the flares!..


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