I think that’s a first ..

Bloody hell, here’s a first!..

In 1984 I was invited over to Northern Ireland to photograph a Wedding. Hilda and Kenny! Lovely couple and I think I shot it on a Mamiya 645. Well, I’ve just been asked if I’ll go over again to photograph the Wedding of … their daughter! OMG! Have I been shooting that long?..

Of course I’m delighted, naturally, and it’s all I can do to stop myself nipping over on the Stranraer ferry for a quick dress-rehearsal! (I’m joking, of course! I’d actually go from Liverpool!..) It’s incredible, though, to think I’d already been a professional photographer for six years by the time I shot Danielle’s parents’ Wedding – two of those as a freelance – and though I wouldn’t have been able to imagine this far ahead, it’s wonderful to think I’m still a photographer in 2014! But photographing the daughter of one of ‘my brides’ .. astonishing! Can’t wait to drop that into the conversation the next time a bride-to-be asks me “Done this long?…”

PS: Today’s photograph? Aw, I just loved the generational theme to today’s blog, and couldn’t resist this shot of my Mum with my sister Catherine! I actually photographed Catherine’s Wedding as well –  way over 25 years ago – and she herself now has two strapping lads in their 20s. I’m guessing my Dad took the shot ..  ‘cos I’d have been about four!


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