I think about life .. and cheese!


Funny old few days ..
Two birthday parties over the weekend, a client from hell and, today, my friend’s wife’s funeral. All life’s ups and downs in three days flat! The parties were great and I’m sure today will be a great send-off for Julie, but I’ll save for another day the tale of my experiences with ‘the client’. Let’s just say he was one of the most awful men I have ever dealt with! Today’s funeral has put all that into context, though, and my focus is elsewhere..

Speaking of focus, another trip to the cheese factory looms this week! I can’t wait for this visit though, because they want me to “wander around taking snaps” to capture a .. wait for it .. flavour of the place and I’m really looking forward to getting some interesting black and white reportage under my belt.

Anyway, first things first ..

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