I think I’ll whip it ..


When a problem comes along, you must whip it! And I think I have! ..

 It’s no state secret if I tell you that enquiries for Wedding Photographers have slowed down, but I think I’ve found the answer to my problem…

ManchesterWeddingPhotography.com! That’s going to be the name of my new website! I know! I can’t believe it either, but I was contacted by a chap last week who asked if I’d like to be the owner of this fantastic domain name. “Well, yes..” I said “But surely it’s already taken!?” “It is!..” he said “By me!..” And so it comes to pass, my brothers and sisters, that –  once I’ve got the pages sorted out – I will be the proud owner of a fab new website that’s gotta be guaranteed to whip up new business!


Sad to hear of the death of Devo guitarist Bob Casale yesterday. You can’t be of ‘a certain age’ and not know the band’s 80s hit ‘Whip it’, so what a shame to know Bob’s just died of heart problems at only 61 years old. I was lucky enough to see Devo twice, both times at Manchester Apollo. The first gig, in 1980, cost £4! When I saw them about 5 years ago it was £40 but, with apologies for the puny ‘whip it’ line in today’s blog, I just wanted to say ‘Thank You, Bob! It was worth it…”


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