I think about The Smiths ..

On a good day I can be up and have three of my old Kodachrome slides spotted before breakfast and today was no exception but, just as I was wallowing in the memories of a back-pack trip round Oz, came the reminder – on Facebook, inevitably – that it’s 30 years to the day since The Smiths’ first album came out. OMG! 30 years! Thirty years? Where has 30 years gone? Thirty years!! OMG!..

Yes, it came as quite a shock! It goes without saying, though, that the LP still sounds absolutely brilliant! I’m playing it as I write. It’s as fresh and exciting and with just as much hair-raising-on-the-back-of-the-neck .. ness as it had when I picked it up as a 23 year old Manchester whippersnapper.
(And yes, I did call it an LP on purpose!) Oh, Morrissey

Ahum! So, I took a bus to Nullarbor, in South Australia, ‘cos I was really interested in seeing what was out there, in the middle of nowhere. Do you know what’s out there? Nothing! You’re in the middle of nowhere. Pretty much like the music scene before The Smiths, eh?…

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