Flummoxed ..

I admit it! That’s me! Flummoxed! I just do not know the best way to promote my work anymore! On the face of it I seem to be doing everything right, at least as far as ‘Social Media’ is concerned. Blog? Check! (Obviously!) Facebook? Check! Twitter? Check! LinkedIn? Check .. and so on .. BUT .. none of it seems to be bringing in any work! So, yesterday, I decided I’d run a Google Adwords campaign – a small run of online advertising designed to point people to my website. I began it on Monday morning, and spent the day logging back on – with a desperate paranoid compulsion – to see if anybody had looked at the ad! Well, by last night, over 2,000 people had! (As I write, it stands at 2,408 views!) Nearly two and a half thousand views! Amazing!..
Except .. of those 2,408 people, a mere FIVE clicked through to my website! Five! I mean, I don’t know .. was that a good click-through rate? Was I doing really well with that figure? The phone rang as I stared at the screen. It was a friend of mine – another Wedding photographer! “Martin ..” she said “I’m flummoxed!” (She didn’t actually use that word but let’s leave it in there for good effect!) “I just don’t know the best way to promote my work anymore!..” she wailed “I’ve not had a booking in absolutely ages! I’m going to start a blog and do Facebook and Twitter like you do!” “Why?..” I said, gulping audibly “What do you now?” “Google Adwords..” she said “I’ve run an ad for the last six months. Haven’t had a thing from it…”
Waiter, another shot of bourbon….
©Martin O’Neill 2014   

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