Adapt or perish ..

Big Spring push now to get my portrait work up to speed! I need to be shooting more kids – if you’ll pardon the expression – and I hope that, now we’re coming out of the winter, the bookings will start to pick up. It’s all just a matter of getting known around town! With that in mind I rigged up a new montage of images yesterday and added it to my website. I have to say I’m rather pleased with it and, looking at the great variety within it, I think it’s fair to say I offer everything that ‘all the other photographers’ offer .. with a little bit less of the ‘twee’…! Coincidentally I went to a photography talk last night, by a friend who was giving an honest and frank view of the ‘hard times’ we snappers are going through at the moment. One section of his presentation was about ‘Adapting’ to all the changes that have gone on in the photographic world. Me? I think I’m adapting!..

Funnily enough, I have a whole afternoon of shooting portraits today, but these are for a PR company so they’re all – ironically – on location! Wouldn’t you just know it! I’m really looking forward to it though, and I have to remember to leave space at the top of each shot for a ‘speech bubble’ to be inserted because, when the pictures appear as posters at the company, the staff will be appear to be voicing’ their ideas about the way forward for their firm. Perhaps I should shoot a selfie, and drop the words “I will survive!” into ‘my’ bubble…


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