Quick! March ..

March! Quick, it’s March again! Get in the garden! Do Spring stuff! Quick!..
(Before the snow comes!!)..

I get such a mental boost to know that Winter has – officially, at least –  finished! Ok, now they’re forecasting snow and cold stuff, but it doesn’t seem half as bad when the birds are tweeting, the daffs are daffing and the evenings are already light. I’m definitely a warm weather man!

Dare I mention cheese again? Just once more? Because I was down at The Cheese Factory again yesterday to finish off the website photography, and so that’s the end of warm fleeces and thick coats as I shot my pictures in their chilly refrigerated work areas! Man, I’ll bet those guys are glad of warm Spring weather when they emerge from their Cheddar caves. Anyway, I’ve already added a shot to my PR web-page. See if you can spot it!

Finally, today’s image. Taken from my archive, it shows Army Cadets in Eccles – circa 1976. I remember the Spring of that year very well, as I went with these guys to an Easter camp in Leek! The food they gave us that weekend? I’d have killed for a hunk of cheese!.. 


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