In the living years ..

I blog for many reasons. I blog because I’m excited about photography, because I enjoy telling you my stories, because I hope my descriptions of technique are sometimes of worth if you’re actually out there photographing for yourself. I blog because I like writing – it offers me another creative outlet. I blog to promote my work, because you’ve got to these days if you want to get anywhere with Search Engine Optimization, and I blog because it gives my arty, self-deluded ego a lovely big massage! I don’t – Thank God blog to tell you about my impending death. About my rapid decline from healthy young man to paralysed body in a chair, unable to breathe and just waiting for .. well, the end. But one guy did! Neil Platt was a 34 year old guy from Yorkshire who succumbed to Motor Neurone Disease and basically knew he was on the way out. So he started a blog to document his illness, and a film was made called ‘I am breathing’ to record his last few months of life. I watched it the other night. It’s incredible! He was incredible and, by jeepers, it’ll put things into context next time I think I need to use my blog to complain ..  


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