No sweat…

We don’t do ‘jumping in the air’! Phew! Music to my ears! Last night was unusual in that, for the first time in ages, I went along to the home of a prospective Bride and Groom to show them my Wedding photography. As a policeman and a busy working mum they were just finding it impossible to get down to my studio. Anyway, lovely couple, and I hope they decide to book me! The thing that made us ‘click’ was the fact they said they hated all the ‘posy, set up’ Wedding Photography that’s around these days. Well, Amen to that, brother! My heart sinks when a groom and his ushers put on sunglasses and pretend they’re acting out “Reservoir Dogs’, or when a bride and her bridesmaids all stand back to back and pose as Charlie’s Angels! Each to their own, I suppose, but for me, let’s just shoot what’s actually happening on The Big Day!..

Rather flattered yesterday when I happened to bump into one of ‘my brides’! I shot her Wedding at Portmeirion a couple of years ago. “Would you mind if my daughter interviewed you?” she asked. “Hell, no..” I said (There’s that ego again!) “But why?..” Seems she’s doing a GCSE in photography and has to write up a project on a photographer. Guess who she’s chosen! Me! Ha! I almost jumped in the air…

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