Surf’s up, and so are the stats..

Bloody Nora! I hadn’t realised you could actually monitor your ‘stats’ on Flickr, but I happened to fall upon the page yesterday afternoon and was absolutely gobsmacked! I’d just uploaded over 700 of my Wedding photographs to the site – I figure they might as well be visible on there as just stuck on my computer – and I was twiddling with the pages when I found this ‘stats’ page. As I say, it absolutely blew me away! On Thursday alone – before I’d even put the Wedding shots up – I’d had a staggering 1, 932 views of my photographs, and that shot up to 5, 745 after the new work was added. Now that, it goes without saying, is rather pleasing! So now, hopefully, a lot more brides, grooms and ‘Franks’ .. (You have to watch Father of the bride if you want to get that joke!) will be able to see my work. Form an orderly queue, ladies and gentlemen. Bookings taken on a first come, first served basis…

Oh, this shot is one of those images that’s available to view. Not a bride in sight but, as it says on my website, I shoot Weddings, portraits, pr and … other stuff!..

Have a great weekend ..


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