Slow down & have a cup of tea…

The world’s in a right old state at the moment, isn’t it? I was watching a thing on telly the other night about tensions in Europe – troops moving across borders, rulers sticking the ‘Vs’ up at other governments – and I couldn’t tell whether I was watching the news or that new drama about the start of the First World War. Gulp! Then we’ve got that awful Malaysian plane disappearance and all the religious connotations that’s bringing up, plus the bad blood between China and Japan, and the never-ending Northern Ireland ‘troubles’, and Syria, and Israel and, well, pick any bloody country you want in Africa, and …

It’s just as well my blog sticks to more mundane items! So, put the kettle on! Have a cup of tea, breathe deeply of the beautiful early spring and take a moment to enjoy those simpler pleasures.

Life, as the sticker on my fridge says, is too important to be taken seriously!


Hope you like the ‘tea-pot’! It was the cake at a Wedding I photographed last summer. I just realised that if I don’t put those bloomin’ key-words in then the blog doesn’t get out there and do its job! This is a serious business! (Oh, damn!)
Do your job, blog! Do it! ..

 #Wedding #prphotography #bride #worldgonemad ….. 


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