Opening the doors ..

This patch of ground is where my Dad’s old factory stood. Where that puddle is now was where two huge doors used to open into the big shed at Dunlop tyres in Eccles. Dad must have walked across this actual space a million times. And now it’s all gone. My Dad’s gone, the jobs are gone, and the factory’s gone!..

Today I’m photographing the board of directors of an Enterprise Partnership – people specifically tasked with the job of getting people into jobs! I hope they’re upbeat and optimistic now that – we’re told – the recession is over! (Ironically, one of the first jobs they’ve created is this PR shoot for me, taking the photographs for their new website, so I think the guys are doing a great job, ha ha!) But, surely, it can’t be long now before I’m photographing them as they launch new Apprenticeship schemes, or visit employment hubs that have grown by 30% in two years, or .. well, you get the idea! Being unemployed is hell. I was only ever on the dole once, when I was 18, and for only about three months, but I can still remember how demoralised it made me feel. Let’s hope the people I meet this afternoon can start opening the doors to better times..


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