Name-dropper ..

So there I was, merrily shooting 80s pop-maestro Pete Waterman yesterday, when in walks .. Terry O’Neill !! I know! Incredible .. the leader of Warrington Borough Council! Seems I’m – ho, ho – not the only O’Neill with a famous alter-ego and my, how we laughed as the football manager photographed the famous photographer – in name, at least!

So, so far this year I’ve shot celebs, I’ve shot cheese for websites, I’ve photographed dogs, passports, LinkedIn portraits, warehouses, apprentices .. so it’s about time I shot a Wedding! I’ll be honest and say it’s been a bit of a quiet start to the year as far as Weddings are concerned but .. that all changes on Sunday when I head off to shoot my first of the year in sunny old Warrington town! I cannot wait!

Mothers’ Day looms and I’ve tied in with a couple of local businesses to offer a fantastic deal on portraits as a gift idea for Mum. The Raven Inn and Spa Beautiful, as well as myself, are each offering 20% off our respective meals, massages and erm, mug shots as a sure-fire way of keeping your Mum happy come the end of the month. The offer lasts ’til the end of next month, too, so come on down and get yerselves a voucher. Don’t be shy about name-dropping. Just tell the others that Martin O’Neill sent you ..


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