Well, well ..

Some weeks just start well! Already this morning I’d edited the whole of yesterday’s Wedding – some 600 images – by 9.30 am, I’d had a fantastic text from a couple who’ve just booked me to shoot their wedding, I took this fabbo glove shot to add to my ‘On the one hand’ collection on the walk down to the studio and I had a phone-call from the Manchester Evening News who want to do a piece on my Joy Division photographs! Phew! I think I’ll take the rest of the day off!..

So, yesterday’s Wedding went well – 65 guests and gale force 5 by my reckoning – and that followed on from Saturday when I took the booking of a lovely couple who are getting married next May at Kilhey Court. It was the groom’s lovely message I received just after breakfast. “Sue is so pleased..” he said “Thanks for putting her at ease. It was always going to be you, as long as you were available on our date!”..

Speaking of dates, it was brought to my attention that last Friday was thirty-five years to the day that I shot my Joy Division photographs! Thirty five!! Where the hell did that go? Anyway, I happened to mention it on Facebook and that was picked up by the ‘paper, who are now planning to run an article about the shots. Ironic, really, as the only reason the negatives got shoved in a draw in the first place was because I couldn’t get a newspaper to use ’em! Well, well..


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