The Power of The Press

Well, that all took off rather quickly! I mentioned yesterday that I’d been called by a reporter from the Manchester Evening News. They wanted to do an article about the Joy Division gig I shot .. 35 years ago! They rang at 9.30 .. and the article was online by 3.30 (I think it’s going in the ‘paper today!) Well, my website went bananas! The home page received over 800 hits and is still ticking over nicely this morning, with the actual Joy Division page heading for the 800 mark as well. Anyway, you can read the article here! Funny, as much as I think everybody must have seen the shots by now it’s great to still get emails coming in telling me how much new viewers like them. Thank you ..

Music is definitely in the air today, as I’m off to shoot a rather-renowned bass guitar player this afternoon. I recently had one of those ‘Aren’t you the guy off the telly?’ moments – dribbling lightly from the corner of my mouth – when I saw this cool looking dude at a party I was at. Cut a long story short, turns out he was ‘the guy off the telly’, so I asked if we could get together for some portraits and .. well, now you’re up to speed. No doubt an image will grace this blog on the morrow! ..

Rock on ..


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