Down to the wire ..

Here he is, the bass player I was telling you about yesterday! His name’s Ding and he first appeared in my life whilst I was watching a PJ Harvey DVD a couple of years back. He was the bass player on her tour of the UK and America and one day, suddenly, he was standing in front of me at a party and modestly proceeded to tell me that yes, that was him, and since then he’s played bass on an album and gone on tour with The Pixies! When I’d stopped drooling and fawning I asked if he’d let me take some photographs sometime, which brings us to the session yesterday. His playing is all about power and strength, so I had this idea of him looking tough and biting through his bass strings. I’m pleased to say it worked as a shot, even if Ding did get a mouthful of old sweat from the wires! Cheers, Ding ..

Back to the bread-and-butter photography today! I’m off to a supermarket in town later to shoot some PR photographs for a Trade Union! See? Rock Gods, Shop Stewards .. they’re all the same to me, ‘cos as long as they’re posing in front of my camera it means I’m still working as a photographer.


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