Up the wall..

I’ve just finished my second time-lapse film – for a company based on a business park near my studio. I photographed two funky graffiti artists spray-painting a monochrome Union Jack onto the walls of a trendy IT firm. I spent all day breathing in aerosol fumes, then set about – in a really good mood!! – to put the film together. Er, to use the vernacular, it took me bloody ages! (I must remember to put more coal on the Apple Mac!) Anyway, I’m very pleased with it – as is the client – (more importantly!) so I can now put it out there and let you see if for yourselves. It’s a little bit bigger than the first one I did, with almost 7 hours and 3900 frames squished down to less than 3 minutes! Ain’t technology wunnerful!! Click here to have a decko…


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