Give it a name ..

I must be mellowing in my old age! I only got told off twice yesterday for getting too close to Princess Anne on her visit to Manchester. I got the PR booking to photograph her during a walkabout at a City Centre company and so – hey, you know – if I’ve been booked to take pictures then I’ll get into the best positions I can to get ’em! I loved the fact that she had her own name badge printed out, though I think Special Branch should have had a word with her, too, ‘cos she didn’t wear it once and nobody could tell who she was!!

It really was busy yesterday, with the ‘Royal’ job sandwiched between trips to The Lowry in Salford to cover an international business conference! I then ended up at The Imperial War Museum North last night to photograph the start of their dinner, and now I’m dashing about producing 101 framed prints of all the delegates so they can take them home when the conference ends today!

Oh, and there were two Wedding enquiries and two portrait bookings at the studio..

Tunnel! Light at end of?….


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