HP5 v Pixels

HP5 v Pixels ..


This photograph is one of my own personal favourites. I took it at an Air Show in Manchester around 1980. Last night I was scrolling through ‘My Archive’ – as it’s grandly called on the Mac – and it occurred to me that, if I were to put one of the pictures from it online every day, it would still take over three years just to show you all of my favourite black and white shots! That fact I found amazing! And that’s without all my colour shots – the travel stuff, the slide library! Man, when I had my little Olympus XA camera I just shot and shot and shot! And those were the days when you had to buy film, and spend money on darkroom materials (Not to mention the time to process and print everything!) I have nothing against digital photography – seeing as I use it all the time! – but it does make me feel good knowing I was a photographer when the art needed a certain amount of skill, knowledge and know-how! Smug gloating over…   

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