The end of the line ..

I’m thinking of closing down the studio!

I know it sounds like an April Fool but, sadly, it isn’t!
The line I didn’t want to write is right there, and it’s no joke.

It hasn’t worked, basically. Not enough people have come in to be photographed. I hate to say it, I’m sad to say it, I’m even embarrassed to say it, but there you have it. The time, or the place .. or both .. just weren’t right for the opening of a new Photographic Studio. But, hey, I gave it a go and now seems the right time to stop chucking dosh at something that doesn’t chuck any back! Bottom line is, people are taking their own shots on their phones and, as far as they’re concerned… that will do! Amusingly, though, there has been a flurry of interest in the place in just the past few days. Two phone calls have come in asking if .. I could offer an apprenticeship or an opportunity for work-experience, and another two calls have come in asking if .. I’d donate portrait sittings for charity! Ha! Well thank you for the interest in my studio! The crazy thing about raffle prizes is that, when I’ve given donations in the past, even the winners haven’t bothered to come in for their portrait, so what does that tell you about the state of portrait photography in this country?

Anyway – hey ho – I won’t go on about it ‘cos it might still not happen – just trying to negotiate on the rent and all that kind of thing – but, if nothing comes off and interest doesn’t pick up immensely in the next 30 days then that will be the end of that, and StudioFiveFour will bite the bullet in four weeks. I’ll have reached the end of the line…

News just in: Now that StudioFiveFour is threatened with closure, I’d like to introduce you to Martin O’Neill, the Culcheth-based photographer who would just love to come round to your place for that all-important family shoot. Book him now on 07860 792660. All aboard…


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