Just wait 40 years ..

Much to Lesley’s annoyance, I never throw anything out. She watches programmes about ‘Hoarders’ and tells me I have all of the supposed sad, debilitating symptoms! But hey, if I threw things out I wouldn’t have been able to put this montage together, would I? It’s a Piccadilly Radio programme schedule from 1979, and I put it on Facebook when I saw a story about it being the station’s 40th birthday (Not just any station, either. This was the Manchester radio station to listen to when we were growing up!) There’s a shot in my archive too, of DJ Pete Baker on an outside broadcast from Altrincham in ’79. Happy Birthday, 261!

Anyway, this has absolutely nothing to do with today’s Blog, which was to be about Brides-to-be and their approach to Wedding photography. I thought I’d hit a new low this week when a young lady enquired about a booking. When she told me that she’d already had a quote in at £280 I knew I was on a hiding to nothing but, depressingly, that figure was knocked into a cocked hat yesterday when a bride told me she’d booked a “professional” photographer who would cover her whole Wedding day and supply 500 images on CD for … (God, I feel sick just saying this…) … £200!! “Are you sure that’s a professional?” I asked her. “Oh yes..” she said “I seen her work and she done some luvly wedding photos..” Ah, I don’t feel so sick now! Not as sick as she’ll feel in 40 years, anyway!…


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