Stamp it out ..

Rather miffed to find a company in Nottingham was offering – on Ebay – in any size you liked, starting from £3.50, a nice selection of … MY PHOTOGRAPHS! A big thank-you to the pal that alerted me to this blatant breach of copyright! Imagine! They were quite happily prepared to make money from photographs over which they had absolutely no ownership claim! God, it drives me mad! Digital has a lot to answer for! The stealing of photographers’ images must be Stamped Out! (Cue image of big chunky boots worn by P.Paul Fenech, lead singer of The Meteors, and available to BUY – from ME – from here!)

Ah, music! I had to laugh at a selection of ads in last week’s Sunday Times. Upcoming concerts from the likes of Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Yes, Steve Hackett and … Julio Iglesias!! OMG! Am I stuck in 1979? …

(Erm, I hope so, ‘cos I’m off to see The Buzzcocks tonight! Oops! Blush! Sorry…)


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