The good old days ..

I really should know better! Going to see The Buzzcocks on Friday night was, almost inevitably, like going to see a Buzzcocks tribute band! Only two original members – with Pete Shelley looking like his own grandad – and balding men trying to scrape the remnants of their hair into a semblance of the mohicans they sported a mere 35 years ago! Still, I sort of enjoyed it, although the sound was terrible and, this being Warrington – and therefore almost just as inevitable – there was a fight just six feet away from myself and Lesley. Boys! We’re too old for all of this!..

The trouble is, there’s nothing to replace it! Nothing comes near the music I grew up with and if – as my pal says – I’m stuck in the 70s and 80s, then it’s only because there’s been nothing to drag me out of there. Today’s music positively depresses me! Anyway, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and hey, it gives me the opportunity to show you this photograph of my old mates Roddy and Tish at The International, circa 1986 (And yes, I still have the poster in my collection!)


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