Music to my ears ..

Hey, Happy Record Store Day, everybody! I’d be buzzing down to buy some vinyl too if I wasn’t shooting a Wedding today. Or would I? I seem to have enough records already! In fact, I was quite amused by the fact that I liked this 1980 album so much I bought it twice! (Fear of wearing it out, I would say.) Bet you don’t even remember The Photos – the most appropriately named band ever .. for me! I was smitten with lead singer Wendy Wu and if I can ever find it I’ll show you the picture I had taken with her backstage at some gig or other. Discount Records in Sale was my ‘place to go’ .. and every lunchtime a hairy hippy dude called Nick would convince me that I just had to have such and such a record. He was mostly right, of course, and I’ll never forget his advice to me to leave the needle on the Spizz Energi ‘Where’s Captain Kirk’ 45. There’s a really funny mickey-take of Spock, just before the run off, that I’ve never heard on any CD version of the song. Hurrah for real music! Go and buy a single .. now!


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