Red, white and blue .. and orange!

A touch of the old red, white and blue for you today – described in beautiful spring blossom and just to mark St George’s Day. Hurrah for good ol’ England – the land of the ditched fag packet, de rigeur use of the phone whilst driving and, My God, don’t even think of saying thank you if I hold the door open for you! Rude Britannia waives the rules, and you can post as many ‘Help for Heroes’ stickers as you like, but I won’t believe you have any pride in this country until you start showing .. erm, well, a pride in this country! It starts from the ground up. Literally, when it comes to smokers!..

Blimey, where did that come from? I had intended to carry on the ‘colour’ theme by telling you something that, I’m sure, a lot of photographers have noticed. All the teenage girls in the UK have turned orange! I made an early start today on some shots from a recent Wedding, and was having a bugger of a time trying to correct the colour balance in a few of the shots. I just could not get a young girl’s face back to ‘normal’ .. and then it dawned on me. Teenage girls are orange. Step away from the photoshop, Martin. Your work here is done..


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