Printworks ..

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Tumblr .. blah, blah, blah .. but how’s about a good old advert in the local community magazine? Yeah, forget ‘Social Meeja’ .. I’m going back to paper basics for my next advertising ‘push’, with a quarter page ad to cover two locales within our region. I firmly believe that the fad of the ‘selfie’ will soon be history and it’ll dawn on people that, hey, the best place to get a good photograph taken is actually .. a photographer’s studio! When it came to choosing an image for the ad I enlisted the help of my good friend Photographer Smurf, who has been sitting atop every computer I’ve had since .. well, since the first time I got a computer! He agreed to pose for my photo, although he did apologise for not being able to reciprocate as he’s not been able to get the sheet film for his camera since 2003! Say Cheese ..

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