Taking Control ..

It’s become apparent that, when it comes to my web-site, I need to seperate my Wedding work from my ‘other’ work! To be honest, I’d rather just have one site, that simply says I’m a photographer – of all sorts of things – rather than splitting up work into categories. A photograph is a photograph, right? Well, it seems not, and I’ve finally been persuaded to start a web-page specifically for Wedding Photography, with no mention of any of my other work. The thinking being that, if a 24 year old girl is looking for a Wedding photographer, she wants to see what he can do as a Wedding Photographer. Not how well he can shoot food, or babies and, as for Joy Division .. forget it! She wasn’t even born until ten years after Curtis died! So, O’Neill has got with the programme! I’m going to show those young ladies what I can do! I’ve taken control and bought the domain name .. wait for it .. ManchesterWeddingPhotography.com, and the new site’ll be live under that name in a couple of days or so. Click the link. Have a look. No mention of PR on it, no mention of The Smiths .. just good old out and out Wedding Photography. I just hope nobody asks if that’s all I do … 


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