At the end of the rainbow..

I was in the position of being able to use the word ‘bokeh’ during a Scrabble game last week. “Bokeh..?” laughed Lesley “What kind of word is bokeh?” (I have to admit that, up to a year or two ago, I myself thought a bokeh was what the bride carried as she went up the aisle). “It means blurred background..” I said. “It’s one of those new-fangled digital photography words!” She let me use it .. and then went on to beat me by over 100 points!..

I didn’t care! We were on holiday in Greece, and the end of the game merely marked the time to pour another Ouzo as we lazed in the scorching Greek sunshine. Back at the coal-face now, though .. with a jumper on! Brrr…

The big thing that happened whilst I was away was the launch of my new Wedding Photography website. went live at probably the same moment I was tucking into a Chicken Souvlaki at our new favourite taverna. The email came in, and we ordered an extra portion of Baklava to celebrate. I can’t wait to get its name out there now .. and I can’t tell you how excited I am about the relaunch. Let’s hope there’s gold at the end of that there rainbow ..  


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