Oh, God!..

Incredible as it sounds, I haven’t shot a Wedding in a church since last July! Next week’s will be the first in almost a year to take me into the House of God! How times change, eh? Doesn’t seem two minutes since the first ‘civil’ wedding ceremonies started taking place, and now it seems you can get married practically anywhere – at your favourite football ground, your fave restaurant .. or simply the hotel down the road. Hey, it’s the 21st Century and if The Big Man don’t play no part in yer life then why should he be troubled to turn up for your Wedding, eh? Still, I can’t deny it takes a lot of pressure of a Wedding Photographer, as there’s none of that crazy packing up of gear and dashing off to the reception venue after a church service! I guess I’ll just have to get used to it all again next Saturday! God help me ..


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