Thought for food ..

Had a request yesterday from someone asking if they could use a couple of my Wedding photographs on their new website. “I’m sorry..” I replied “But I don’t let people use my pictures for free anymore..” “I’m not asking for them for free..” this person said “I was offering to use them on my site so you’d get free advertising!..”

Ah! So, that’s how it works, eh? God, I’ll be paying them next!
I’ll need a sign soon .. WILL WORK FOR FOOD!

Hey, speaking of food, I love this shot from a Wedding gone by! (Yeah, I know .. lousy link!) Wedding Scoff! You gotta love a couple who presented their Wedding breakfast as ‘Scoff’! My kinda guys! I just had to add it to the ever-growing selection of images on my new website!


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