I’ll have the squits, please ..

Busy few days ahead for me, with a range of PR jobs to shoot and a lovely Bank Holiday Wedding to round off the week. I’ll be at a primary school on Wednesday, photographing the kids for a new school website and brochure. I’m also photographing a ‘Summer Showcase’ for the Imperial War Museum North, and then it’s a trip down memory lane as I get to return for a shoot at the one and only Coronation Street Tour, at the old Granada Studios site in Manchester. I used to shoot all their PR photography, so no funny comments about it shutting down all those years ago!!..

Of course, as soon as one is busy again any recent holiday seems to disappear into the distance faster than a 99 on Blackpool beach. It’s a week after our return from Greece now, but I’m pleased to say we had a pretty fair re-run of the holiday yesterday. Great weather, al fresco dining and lots of lovely drink! Here’s something we didn’t order from the menu, though!..

Just thought I’d share that ..

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