Having a laugh ..

Less is more! Yeah, that’s what I got told after I mentioned I’d added 138 images to my new Wedding website. I’m showing too many pictures, I was told. Funny, that! ‘Cos I’m damned sure that if I’d simply put six or seven images online there’d have been someone right there behind me telling me I wasn’t showing enough. So you know what, like the comedians I’ve photographed here, I’m just gonna do it my way! If I like 138 images on my site, I’m having 138 images on my site and if brides get bored of scrolling through all those images – as this guy suggested they would – then guess what .. they can click to change pages! Was he having a laugh?..

Anyway, recognise the comedians? The A to Z reader? That’s Dame Edna, of course. Shot at a hotel in Manchester when I was covering his/her appearance in town. The fingers guy? Sean Hughes, shot at his flat in London when he was just getting famous. And the Comedy Sign guy? That’s Alan Partridge .. I mean, Steve Coogan, way back in the early days of his career. Now these guys are having a laugh ..

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