A long, long time ago ..

Have you been watching ‘Happy Valley’ with the amazing Sarah Lancashire? Man, she’s sure been dealing with some monsters in that programme, hasn’t she? Well, here she is again – in earlier times – getting to grips with ‘The Alien’ at the old Granada Studios tours! It’s a shot I took when I used to do the PR Photography for the tour back in the day. Lesley had me go into the loft to look for some old thing or other yesterday and, before you knew it, I’d been lost up there for two hours, distracted by piles of my old press photographs. I found shots of Tony Wilson, David Hockney, Cameron Mackintosh, Bernard Manning, Eartha Kitt and .. wait for it .. Sooty and Sweep .. but it’s an archive that’s sadly lacking because much of my work was filed at the Manchester Evening News .. and they threw it all away when they moved offices. Cheers, MEN! Thank goodness I kept a few of the prints for myself…

Actually, now that I’ve mentioned them, I can’t resist showing you the world’s most famous glove puppets – seen here with Brian Murphy and Matthew Corbett at an Asda store  .. 

.. and Cameron Mackintosh, during a theatre photo-call ..

.. a long, long time ago ..

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