Magic .. !

Sorry, I missed that. Could you do it again? It’s not often a magical moment like this comes along, so it’s all the more exciting when a photographer does capture it on film. (Yes, film .. I left the frame edges on to prove it!) Another great example is the shot I took whilst being bitten on the head in a snake attack! You can click here to see that shot ..

I was thinking about this because a family came into StudioFiveFour recently and I felt the opposite had happened during their portrait session. Nothing! There was no magical moment, no spark of composition or timing, no amazing coming together of expressions. In fact, the shoot was a bit of a nightmare. The kids were .. well, let’s say .. undisciplined, and the parents did nothing but humour their dear little darlings despite tantrums, tears and an escape bid. (Read that through gritted teeth!) Anyway,  then I saw the shots on the computer. One image jumped out right out. Kids smiling, everyone looking at the camera, nobody blinking .. it was great! That’s when I realised that this was the magical moment in this shoot! This was the one shot that made the session, and sometimes .. that’s enough!


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