There’s a great track by Salford ‘punk-poet’ John Cooper-Clarke, called ‘Gimmix’ released as – wait for it – an orange, triangular record. One of the lines in it is ‘Another day, another fad’ and the tune came to mind when I saw a Wedding photograph on Facebook last week. It showed a bride and groom with two bright red smoke flares going off behind them. What? I thought! Who the hell would set off red smoke flares at their Wedding? (Don’t answer that!) Anyway, I proceeded to the photographer’s website to find – wait for it (Part Deux) – it was him that had put them there! What? (Also Part Deux!) Oh, come on! How gimmicky is that? Am I just getting old-fashioned or is there suddenly some law that you can’t take straight-forward, intelligent, clean, fresh Wedding images without tweaking them to an early sickly-yellow vintage death in Lightroom or adding stupid props like bloody moustaches on sticks!?

Hey, hang on! What if we put the bride and groom in a brandy glass? .. 


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