No pressure ..

There’s a lot buzzing round my head at the moment, what with designing Wedding albums, sorting the SEO for the new website and dealing with what’s turned out to be quite a lot of fantastic PR work this week, but I thought I’d write about what I guess is ‘The grass ain’t always greener on the other side!’..

I was shocked at the number of posts that flew up onto Facebook after the death yesterday of poor old Rik Mayall and, this morning, there are photographs of him taken on Sunday when he was out walking his dog. My God, I thought, he couldn’t even walk his dog without being snapped! That was a theme echoed in a TV programme last night about David Beckham, who set off for a motor-cycle ride through the Amazon jungle to ‘get away from it all’. (Ok, we’ll ignore the camera crews, medics, bike technicians and that irritating little ‘health and safety minder..) He was talking to a native of the Yanomami tribe who – much to Beckham’s delight – didn’t recognise him as he only followed football on the radio. Beckham was talking about his life, and the reasons for his trip. He was doing it, he said, to get away from all the pressure. “Pressure?..” said this guy who lives in the jungle, killing his own food, risking death by everything from poisonous frogs to falling trees and jaguars “What’s that?!”…

And relax …


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