Addicted ..

Two of my long-standing Flickr ‘addictions’ were both catered to last night when I went to cover a dinner in Manchester. New images were added to both ‘On the one hand’ – a series of single gloves – and ‘Social Seen’ – images from social settings.
(I love the shot of the chap trying to fix his wife’s dress by the light of the torch on her ‘phone! Click it to see it larger) One addiction, however, has been cracked!


I was back home in time for the second half of the Brazil game last night – the opening match of the 2014 World Cup and, I’m afraid – to use the vernacular – “Bothered?” sums it up! I went cold turkey, you see. Two years ago, after following Manchester United since I was a kid. Then the prancy, pathetic amateur-dramatics and over-paid hooting and ref-ranting just got to me and I decided I’d had enough. Stopped watching football. Didn’t miss it. Don’t miss it. Just hoping I don’t come ‘off the rails’ as the tournament gets into its stride!..


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